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What is Mr. Freeman’s approach to teaching art?
Mr. Freeman has a very unique approach to art. He is pretty leniant with the kids, besides the fact that they must stick to the object they have been assigned to. I think he has true passion for what he does and he wants the kids to grow from their experience's in his class. He gives them the freedom to express themselves through art.
What is the significance of Melinda’s painting for a week after the pep rally.
The significance of Melinda’s tree the week after pep rally was that the tree represented her and the lightning represented the pain and emotional turmoil she went through as the aftermath of her rape.
What is the difference in the homes of Heather and Melinda?
In Heather's home, her parents are very active parts of her life. They talk and get along, they share meals, etc. Melinda’s family does not interact much, they talk through post-it notes, and do not share meals or feelings.
Tell me about the social studies class “debate” and its aftermath?
The debate in the history class was between David Petrakis and Mr. Neck. Mr. Neck brought up that his son didn’t get a job as a firefighter because someone else from another country came to America and got the job instead of his son. Mr. Neck feels that his son should have gotten the job, but it was stolen from him by this immigrant. David stands up and says that his son probably didn't get the job because the other man was more talented then Mr. Neck's son. Mr. Neck ended the debate because it was not going as he wanted. should not have ended the debate because it wasn’t going his way. He told David to sit down or go to the principal’s office and David left the room. David gets the principal involved and gets a lawyer, and Mr. Neck is forced to be nice and fair.
Tell me about the school Conference with Melinda’s parents and the aftermath
Melinda’s parents had a conference with the school and they talked about her horrible grades. She was failing every class except for art. Her parents and the counselor are trying to get her to talk but she won’t. That night Melinda's parents yell at her for her poor grades and bad attitude and when Melinda gives no respones, they begin yelling at eachother.
What is Mr. Freeman’s effect on Melinda, inside and outside of the classroom?
Mr. Freeman has a big affect on Melinda, throughout the year he encourages her to be herself and to express herself and evenutally she opens up to him. Inside the classroom he affects her by helping her to realize the feeling and emotion that goes into art.
The symbolism of Mr. Freeman’s statement, “…trees are flexible, so they don’t snap. Scar it, give it a twisted branch, perfect trees don’t exist.. Be the tree.”
The tree could be a paralell of melinda and the bumps and bruises on it are her hardships.
How does Melinda begins to assert herself and to “find her voice."?
Melinda begins to find her voice at the end of the year when she tells Rachelle what Andy did to her, in an effort to prevent the same thing from happening to her. And telling her why she called the cops.
What is the symbolism of Melinda’s final portrayal of her tree in art class?
Melinda’s final tree in art class symbolizes herself. There in now life in her tree just like she now has a life herself. There are birds and there is wind and her tree has come to life just like herself.