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Gothic Literature
fiction that uses strange, gloomy settings and mysterious, violent, often supernatural events to create suspense and terror
deliberate repetition of words, phrases, or sentences at beginnings of successive clauses, sentences or paragraphs to intensify impact
Heroic couplet
two rhyming lines in iambre pentameter
"Upon the burning of Our House"
contrasts earthly wealth with heavenly wealth
a short statement expressing a truth or opinion about life
Folk Take
short story that exhibits a fairy-tale unreality, supernatural elements, and reveals something about the culture
Rhetorical question
statement that does not demand a response but action
any short poem expressing the writer's emotions and thoughts
Jonathan Edwards
sermon sparked the Great Awakening
Anne Bradstreet
Poetry deals with Puritan themes of domestic life and God/ first noteworthy American poet
"Speech in the Virginia Convention"
contains allusions to mythology and the Bible
Thomas Paine
The Crisis, Number 1 - written to keep up morale of fighting revolutionary troops
study of a person's life written by that person