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buss. letter
Priya Patel
2702 Apt. B Fairmont Ct.
Troy, OH 45373
November 21, 2006

Doug Trostle, President
Troy Board of Education
500 N. Market St.
Troy OH 45373

Dear Mr. Trostle

Hello, My name is Priya Patel. I am a freshman at Troy High School. I am writing to you for my English class. I would like to request that you offer more P.E. electives here at Troy High School.

Some suggestions are Dance, Fencing, and Ultimate Frisbee. I am requesting that you offer more P.E. electives here because many students don’t enjoy P.E. and will probably do better at other similar electives like the once I suggested earlier.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this letter. Once again I would like to request that you offer more electives at Troy High School


Priya Patel.
poem 1
Precious Moments
It’s Christmas Eve
The toyshop is filled
With goodies and gifts
It’s time to send gifts
Send a Post to the Post office
For god’s greatest gift of al
It’s a time for sharing, loving
And caring
Charter subscribe to Precious
Moments and you can look
Forward to more tightly
Sculpture sent every other month
It’s free!
favorite peice
Angry Scientist
It was the morning of December the fifteenth in Southern Japan. The sun had just come up and looked like a perfectly round orange circle and Tanya was sitting outside on her swing trying to write about yesterday in her blue-silver diary. After a while she noticed her brother James, who was five years older then her with jet black hair and hooked nose, go out to the lab once again. From what she had gathered he was trying to make a box that had a phone, Internet, camera, music, and movie player altogether. After several more minutes of writing Tanya heard her brother’s infuriated voice.
“If I don’t figure out how to make it work by next week, I’m gonna kill someone!!! Arragghhh!!!!”
Tanya could easily imagine how he looked as she heard him yell and laugh insanely. She decided to check what he was doing before he killed himself. She walked across to the lab now laughing at her brother. Tanya had silvery blond hair that flew out behind her as she walked.
“Are you mad? I can hear you outside, bro?” asked Tanya before noticing that the computer was smashed on the clean blue tiled floor. “What have you being doing? Are you still trying to solve that thing? You should get a new hobby to occupy yourself like writing, you’ll go insane if you keep doing this,” on and on she want for several minutes.
“If I give up now I won’t know what it will look like or if it can even be done,” answered James after she had finished.
“Maybe you should do it in steps. Like making a camera phone and add on to it until you have everything connected if you really don’t want to give up. It’s your choice,” suggested Tanya as she continued to look around the lab to see what else had been destroyed.
Of course she was right she is always right now that she said it why hadn’t I thought about it before. I would have been done by now. Thought James.
“I think I’ll try that out maybe I will get done faster,” said James after much thought.
“Now, let’s go back outside and into the house. We can make something to eat then come back outside and eat it like a picnic,” said Tanya as she skipped out the door.
James went out the door after her and they both made a chocolate cake (mom wasn’t there to argue). They put it in the oven to bake and played outside until the cake was done. They ate the cake happily. Of course James want back to the lab after a while. Tanya finished writing in her diary about the rest of yesterday and the day so far.
James worked all the rest of the week to get the camera phone done, it looked like an ordinary phone, but it can take about a hindered pictures. He also figured out how to put a music player in it after working on it a little more. Tanya was just happy that her brother isn’t obsessed about it any more.
poem 2
MY Royal Love
My Royal Love
Moves so gracefully
Speaks as softly as a bird
She dresses like an autocrat
Smoother then either marble of glass
She would taste like dark rich chocolate
If I ever ate her
Although I have no desire to eat the chocolate candy queen
refletive letter
Dear Mrs. Imboden:

Reading good
Writing improving
Spelling working
Angry scientist best piece
Work on business letter
Loved writing poems this year
narative peice
the book of power
The Book of Power
There once was an island called Avalon. The island in itself looked like your average island but don’t be deceived by its look. This island by no means is ordinary for one thing there is magic on it. The women who live there are all magical. Another thing is that in the night and day everything looks different nothing on Avalon is what it appears to be. In the daylight you can see a blue lake of water in the center of the island surrounded by the Forest Perilous. The name Forest Perilous is accurate to the last degree. It is not your fantasy forest with a waterfall and lovely leaping deer or the straight green tall trees. This is a place that all who enter either dies or goes insane and no amount of magic can fix. At night everything changes and where the lake was now there is a white palace with its many windows curtained with deep red velvet all glowing with the glow of the blue crystal light surrounding them. The palace is located at the center of the island where almost everything else is also located. People are busy shopping in the different shops. All kinds of women would be seen doing there shopping in the moonlight. You can find every kind of shop imaginable from magic books to potion to clothes shops all lined up in the narrow streets of Avalon plaza. Every street has the same blue crystal lights as street lamps. There is also a magic school in the plaza where students are trained in the art of magic. The school looks very much like the palace except it is always full of students of all ages from five year olds just beginning to learn the magic to women who are thousands of years old just taking refresher courses for extra help in using there magic running around doing all kinds of things from attending classes to trying to get out of trouble or finding some one who they can copy there homework at the last minute before the bell rings.
Lady Morgan

In the school there was a lady named Morgan, she comes and goes to the school as she pleases. She studies magical warfare and the art of healing along with potions and is considered an expert in all these fields. She is a self-observed little brat. Everyday she asks:
“Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all”
“ Why you are the fairest of them all Lady Morgan,” it always replied. This time it was curious to find out for real who the fairest of them all. The mirror went on a long search to find out it looked through all of space and time to find out. The mirror realized that there are actually four women who are fairer then Lady Morgan. They were the Crownwell sisters who lived a thousand years in the future. The next day when Morgan asked again
“Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all”
The mirror replied, “ In all the land and time there be four who are fairer then you Lady Morgan”
“Who! Who are they and where are they I will make them pay!” yelled Morgan infuriated. The mirror showed who they were and told them where they are. Morgan set out to plan her revenge. She spends many frustrating days on trying to figure out how to get there so she could kill them. Morgan found a spell in one of here magic books titled The book of Power. She uses it to go to the future.

The house of Crownwell

Piper was busy cooking in the surgically clean light green kitchen wearing a clean light yellow apron over her lavender colored pants and T-shirt. Prue, the oldest of the four sisters, is in her room on the computer looking up spells to try to make her computer faster and expand its storage capacity. The twins Pooja and Pink were at school on Avalon and would be back for spring brake sometime today.
All of a sudden the twins teleport in the kitchen and scare the hack out of Piper.
“So you learned how to teleport now. You two better not teleport outside the house people still don’t believe in magic and that won’t lead to anything good,” said Piper catching her breath and spotting the twins.
“Yep. All right I am going to take all of our stuff upstairs to our rooms coming Pink” asks Pooja
“Yea” Pink picks up her bags and follows her twin upstairs. It’s amazing how different they are even if they are twins. They look exactly like the other. They both are tall, athletic, pale skinned, and green eyes. There personality on the other hand is way different Pink is more the risk taker, adventurous, outgoing and not afraid to say her mind or disagree with others. Pooja is shyer, intelligent, organized, and talented at finding out things other person are looking for but could never find and hates to cause fights by disagreeing with others.
“This is going to be so fun. I can’t wait to show Prue what we learned at school this year.” said Pink excitedly.
“Yes I figured out how to make her computer faster bet you she doesn’t know that yet.” said Pooja.
All of sudden they hear a noise in the attic and then the stairs leading to the attic are torn apart and part of the ceiling crashed to the second floor. The twins drop their stuff and Prue comes running out of her room.
“What is going on here?”
“We don’t know. The ceiling and the stairs are destroyed. Something or someone must be in our attic,” said pink slightly panicking.
“What is going on here? How did the stairs collapse and the ceiling fall? Did you two have anything to do with this?” said Piper as she came up the stairs from the kitchen hearing the upheaval.
“No we don’t have anything to do with this!” said Pink angrily.
“Ok then lets not panic there should be a perfectly good reason for this maybe something got trapped in there or one of the potion bottles broke.”
“Fat chance. All the potion bottles are made of plastic and won’t brake because they fell. I think someone is up there and they want to kill us.”
“Don’t be stupid who would want to kill us.”
“Every evil witch in the world would love it if we were dead remember what Terence told us we are destined to be the most powerful witches of all time. Maybe the person who is here knows that and want‘s our power.” Suggested Pooja.
“Well we won’t figure out by standing here come on lets find out,” said Prue.


The four of them levitated up to the attic because the stairs were broken. There they see that some lady is sitting in the middle of the attic floor or what’s left of it anyway since most of it is on the second floor. The lady was wearing a dark green velvet robe over a silk gown and a ring with a blue glowing stone set in its center.
“Hey that robe is part of the uniform for the school of Avalon. See it has the school logo on it. A ring with a stone set in the middle of it to stand for the source of all magic.” Cried Pink.
“So what if it is. It makes no difference to you. You will be dead in a few minutes.” explained Morgan calmly.
“Why would you want to kill us? We don’t even know you,” asked Prue
“Because the mirror says you all are fairer then me and I don’t like it no one can be any superior then me. How dare they be” answers Morgan slightly less calmly. These four sisters seem more powerful then she expected. She shoots at Pink with wind power and knocks Pink into the wall.
Pooja screams, “ Pink are you okay”
“I’ll be fine just get rid of her” cries Pink weekly.
Prue shots bluebell fire at Morgan but Morgan easily puts out the fire with her wind. Piper looks in The Book of Power to see if she could find out who this lady is and get a clue to how she got here. Prue sends spell after spell t distracts Morgan from going after her sisters. Morgan is still able to stop all of Prue spells with no trouble. Pooja seeing Morgan distracted takes Pink and teleports to Terence. Now that only Piper is there Prue uses her most powerful attacks without caring where they hit. Piper can avoid them easily too.
“I found her! I found her!” yells Piper trying to get Prue’s attention.
“Ok what does it say?” says Prue as she dodges Morgan’s attack.
“We can’t kill her she’s immortal but we can drain her powers so she can’t kill us or anyone else” says Piper
“Ok how do we do that” asks Prue. Morgan is paralyzed by one of Prue’s more powerful spells, but that won’t last for long.
“The spell is called OBLEVITO it will vanquish all of her power”
Prue tries the spell “OBLEVITO” cried Prue. Instantly there was a wind much more powerful then the one Morgan caused. All of Morgan’s power was being drained out of her in a multicolored light that mixed with the wind and dissipated in a locket that was on a shelf on the attic wall. Morgan is on the floor unconscious. Everything was suddenly quite now like after a really unpleasant thunderstorm. Piper takes the locket down and Terence appears next to her along with Pink and Pooja in a flash of violent violet light.
“Always make a grand entrance right?” laughed Piper
“I do try,” sighed Terrance “ so what happed here Pink and Pooja say that some lady attacked you all. Do you know why?”
“She says she attacked us because we are apparently the fairer then she is and she doesn’t like it.” Answered Prue
“Well that’s a stupid reason to kill someone,” said Terence. “ So do you know anything else about her?”
“We don’t know anything about her except that she’s immortal,” said Piper
“Did you check all of The Book of Power?” asked Terence.
“No” admitted Piper
“Well I recommend you check all of it to see if there is any more information,” suggested Terence. Piper takes a couple minutes to flips though the book one page at a time to see if she could find anything else about her. She finds that there is an entire section about Morgan and all of a sudden Morgan wakes up and stares at Terence.
“Don’t I know you? Yea. You look familiar.”
“Maybe you know some one who is my ancestor since you lived a thousand years ago.” answered Terence.
“That’s possible,” said Morgan frowning.
“So what does it say about Morgan in The Book of Power Piper” asked Terence.
“It says that oh god you probably won’t believe this. It says that she is my great great grandmother from seventeen generations ago. It has our whole family tree in here Prue.” said Piper rather shocked. Morgan was staring open mouthed.
“Let me have a look at the book,” said Morgan as she pears at the book “I wrote in this book over a thousand years ago. It was passed down to me from my mother and to her from her mother. If you have it then you are indeed a descendent of me. Only the ones with our blood in their veins can use this book in its full potential. Use it well it can do good and evil not all of our family was good just so you know. It is a living record of all of our family guard it well. If it falls into the hands of others it would be a catastrophic disaster. There is a lot more in the book now then there was when I had it so there is more chance that someone will want to steal it.”
“Wow so you really are our grandmother” said Pink
“Yes, I am. Terence how are you, my husband,” asks Morgan to Terence
“Very well Morgan, so finally figured out where I went all this time.” smiled Terence
“Yes, I think its time you came home don’t you? After all our granddaughters seem to have everything under control.”
“Yes lets go home. I am tired of being here the future may be fun but life is better where we belong.” said Terence and took Morgan’s hand and restored all of her power and disappeared in a flash of red light with Morgan in his arms.


“That was weird I didn’t know that Terence was a thousand years old and Morgan’s husband.” Pink said
“This whole thing was weird first she tries to kill us and then she gives us advise and what about Terence I thought he was our cousin not our grandfather.”
“Yea I can’t believe you can time travel”
“I didn’t know people could be immortal. We should look at The Book of Power more closely to see whom else we are related to. After all grandmother is right there are plenty of people after the book and we should guard it with all the we have.” said Piper
“I think we should fix the attic first then talk about all of that or else the police will be here again and we don’t want that,” said Pink.
“That’s a good idea” Said Prue and helps her sisters fix the floor and the stairs and put all of the stuff that fall off the self and repair the broken stuff in the attic.
The Crownwell sisters live in relative peace but there is always that occasional warring with people who try to steal The Book of Power
nonfiction peice
censorship page