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What are the symptoms of the "Blood" humour?
hot and moist, sanguine, too happy, air
What are the characteristics of the "yellow bile" humour?
Fire, hot and dry, Choleric, violent vengeful
What are the characteristics of the "Phlegm" humour?
Water, cold and moist, phlegmatic, dull pale cowardly
What are the characteristics of the "Black Bile" humour?
Earth, cold and dry, melancholic, gluttonous, lazy, sentimental.
Estates Satire?
Various classes and occupations are portrayed with a satiric emphasis on the vices peculiar to their station in life.
usually a long serious story most often a poem based on what purports to be a true history as told be a yreliable ancient author
a breif comic tale usually told in verse of low humor. Simple straightforward stle, working class characters set in the present seem to be realistic though exaggerated
a brief anecdote used in preaching to illustrate a moral
Literary confession
dramatic monologues in which the speaker explains or defends his/her sinful way of life
a sort of conclusion where the author distances or disavows himself from some element of the work
What is the decalogue?
The code of ten rules used by chivalric knights.