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apprentice n.
person learning an art or trade under a skilled worker, learner, beginner, novie, tyro
adroit adj.
expert in using the hands or mind, skillful, clever, deft, dexterous
ambidextrous adj.
able to use both hands equally well
aptitude n.
natural tendency to learn or understand, bent, talent
craftsperson n.
skilled worker, artisan
dexterity n.
skill in using the hands or mind, deftness, adroitness, expertise
maladroit adj
clumsy, inept, awkward
versatile adj.
capable of doing many things well, many sided, all around
destitute adj.
not possessing the necessities of life such as food, shelter, and clothing, needy, indigent
economize, verb
reduces expernses,be frugal
frugal adj.
1.barely enough, scanty
2. avoiding waster, economical, sparing, saving, thrifty
impoverish verb
make very poor, reduce to poverty, bankrupt, ruin, pauperize
indigent n.
poverty, penury
affluent adj.
very wealthy, rich, opulent
avarice n.
excessive desire for wealth, greediness, cupidity
avaricious, adj.
greedy, grasping, covetous
covet, v.
desire, long for, crave, expecially something belonging to another
dowry, n.
money, property, etc., that a bride brings to her husband
financial , adj.
having to do with money matter; monetary, pecuniary, fiscal
fleece, verb
deprive or strip of money or belongings by fraud charge excessively for goods or services, rob, cheat, swindle
hoard, v.
save and conceal, accumulate, amass
lavish, adj.
1. too free in giving, using, or spending, profuse, prodigal
2. given or spent too feely, very abundant, extravagant, profuse
lucrative, adj.
profitable, moneymaking
means n.
wealth, property, resources
opulence, n.
wealth, riches, affluence
sumptuous, adj.
involving large expense, luxurious, costly
apprehensive, adj.
expecting something unfavorable, afraid, anxious
cower, v
draw back tremblingly, shrink or crouch in fear, cringe, recoil
dastardly, adj.
cowardly and mean
intimidate, v.
make fearful or timid, frighten, force by fear, cow, bully
poltroon, n.
thorough coward, dastard, craven
timid, adj.
lacking courage or self-confidence, fearful, timorous, shy
trepidation, n.
nervous agitation, fear, fright, trembling
audacious, adj.
1. bold, fearlessly daring
2. too bold, insolent, impudent
audacity, n.
nerve, rashness, temerity
dauntless, adj.
fearless, inrepid, very brave, valiant
exploit n.
heroic act, daring deed, feat
fortitude, n.
courage in facing danger, hardship, or pain, endurance, bravery, pluck, backbone, valor
indomitable adj.
incapable of being subdues, unconquerable, invincible
plucky, adj
courageous, brave, valiant, valorous
rash, adj.
overhasty, foolhardy, reckless, impetuous, taking too much risk