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labile (adj)
Adaptable, open to change.
middling (adj)
Average, mediocre.
immolate (verb)
To sacrifice; to kill, as a sacrificial victim, especially by fire.
pall (noun)
An overspreading of darkness or gloom.
bask (verb)
To lie in warmth; to be exposed to a pleasing heat.
analgesic (noun)
Pain killer; something which suspends feeling.
ambiguous (adj)
Able to be interpreted in more than one way.
ribald (adj)
Base; filthy; obscene.
detrimental (adj)
Prone to injure, harm or diminish
stigma (noun)
Mark of infamy or disgrace..
inert (adj)
Very slow to act; sluggish; dull; inactive..
mishap (noun)
Evil accident; ill luck; misfortune; mischance..
levity (noun)
Inappropriately funny behavior..
profane (adj)
Not sacred or holy..
continual (adj)
Without pause or break
nullify (verb)
To erase or make invalid..
genealogy (noun)
An account or history of the descent of a person or family from an ancestor..
alienate (Verb)
To turn friendliness into hostility..
reputable (adj)
Praiseworthy, held in high esteem
articulate (verb)
Speak clearly; explain; speak with emphasis
epigram (noun)
A witty or sharp thought expressed briefly, often in verse
recession (noun)
A withdrawal; a return to a former state..
regal (adj)
Of or pertaining to royalty
autocrat (noun)
An individual who rules with absolute power
stamina (noun)
That which gives strength and support; power of endurance..
harass (Verb)
To trouble, worry or torment; to attack repeatedly
aggressor (noun)
The person who first attacks; an assailant..
inevitable (adj)
Unavoidable; certain..
propensity (noun)
Bias; bent; tendency
modest (adj)
is Unassuming, having a moderate opinion of oneself
renovate (verb)
To make new again..
secede (verb)
retire; to withdraw; to separate oneself
suffice (verb)
To be enough; to satisfy.
subservient (adj)
Subordinate; having a lower rank or status; obsequious
bulwark (noun)
A rampart; a fortification; that which defends an enemy attack.