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Who wrote A Separate Peace?
John Knowles
Where was he born?
Fairmont, West Virginia
Where did he serve as a editor?
Yale Daily News
T or F
Is A Separate Peace, Knowles greatest work as modern classic?
Where was Knowles educated at?
Philips Exeter Academy, boarding school
What is the Historical Context?
When did World War II begin?
September 1, 1939 when the German army invaded Poland
What genre does A Separate Peace belong to?
What are the themes of A Separate Peace?
- the relationship between war and peace
- the nature of friendship
- how people change
-biblical allegory: Phineas as Christ, Gene as Judas, and Brinker as Pontius Pilate
What are the Symbols of A Separate Peace?
- the tree
- the marble staircase
- the river
- devon school
- games, sports, and clothes