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Lord Jim
Joseph Conrad, 1900
The Soulds of Black Folk
WEB Dubois, 1903
In a station of the metro
Ezra Pound, 1913
"Objects" from Tender Buttons
Gertrude Stein, 1914
L'art, 1910
Ezra Pound, 1914
The River-Merchant's Wife: A letter
Ezra Pound, 1915
The Cantos
Ezra Pound 1930-1937-1940
The Waste Land
TS Eliot, 1922
Spring and All
William Carlos Williams,1923
The REd Wheelbarrow
William Carlos Williams, 1923
To Elsie
William Carlos Williams, 1923
Mrs. Dalloway
Virginia Woolf, 1925
Absalom, Absalom!
William Faulkner,1936
The Mimic Men
VS Naipaul, 1967
The Woman Warrior
Maxine Hong Kingston, 1975
Toni Morrison, 1987