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abnegation (n)
repudiation, self-sacrifice
accolade (n)
award of merit
affidavit (n)
written statement under oath
atavism (n)
genetic reoccurance after several generations
anathema (n)
solemn curse
besmirch (v)
soil, defile
despot (n)
fracas (n)
brawl, melee
gambit (n)
opening in chess in which a piece is sacrificed
impetuous (adj)
violent, hasty, rash
impinge (v)
infringe, touch, collide with
inalienable (adj)
nontransferable, not to be taken away
sagacious (adj)
perceptive, shrewd, having insight
trite (adj)
hackneyed, commonplace
unanimity (n)
complete agreement