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factors enabling napoleon to rise rapidly in the military
- opening in officer core
-his heroics at the seige of tawlen
- saved directory
what made neapoleon a hero in france
defeated austrian and prusin army
why napoleon invaded egypt
the british trade route cut off to india
methods napoleon used to keep france under his control
-press censorship
-secret police
-govt control of education
-create a crisis which will draw people to him for safety
main reason for napoleon going to war after 1803
he wants glory and wants to expand b/c of feeling powerful
significance of the battle of trafalgar
-english destroyed french
-england is safe, france realizes they cant take england
purpose of continental system
to defeat england by cutting off its trade
factors countributing to collapse of napoleon's empire
-continental system failed
-garila warfare in spain
-napoleon invaides russia