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to declare; to be hateful or abhorrent; denounce; to loathe
execrate, verb
syn for execrate
denounce, deplore, despise
ant for execrate
admire, applaud, eulogize, execrator
derivatives for execrate
execrative, execratory, execrator
various; miscellaneous
sundry, adjective
syn for sundry
assorted, divers, several
ant for sundry
homogenous, identical, mathcing, same, uniform
the act of inhabiting or the state of being inhabited
habitation, noun
syn for habitation
abode, homestead
ant for habitation
unnatural surrondings
a request; an insistent or pressing demand
importunity, noun
syn for importunity
request, plea, supplication
ant for importunity
refusal, rejection
easily crushed or bruised
tender, adjective
syn for tender
fragile, sensitive, caring
ant for tender
tough, hard, rough
derivatives for tender
tendering, tenderer, tenderest, tenderly, tenderness
to crumble to dus, disintegrate
moldering, verb
syn for moldering
ant for moldering
derivatives for moldering
molderer, molders
prudence in avoiding waste
frugality, noun
syn for frugality
economizing, conservation, moderation
ant for frugality
extravagance, wastefulness
derivatives for frugality
frugal, frugalness, frugally
to deprive of stregnth
enfeeble, verb
syn for enfeeble
weaken, blunt, disable
ant for enfeeble
build up, fortify, harden
derivatives for enfeeble
enfeebles, enfeeblement, enfeebler