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The Odyssey is the story of his journey home from the Trojan war. He is brave, loyal, and above all else clever. He is the King of Ithaca.
The faithful, loyal wife of Odysseus. She patiently waits 20 years for his return. She is Homer's example of the perfect Greek wife and mother.
Son of Odysseus and Penelope. He was only an infant when his father left to fight in Troy. The Odyssey is also a story about Telemachus' journey to manhood.
The evil leader of the suitors. He is the first one Oydyesseus kills.
A servant of Odysseus throughtout his master's twenty year absence. He and Philoetius help Odysseus fight the sutiors.
An old women servant who was a devoted nurse to both Odysseus and Telemachus.
A suitor. He is an evil coward. He tries to blame Antinous for all the sutors actions Eurymachus is the second suitor killed by Odysseus.
Odysseus' father. He lives on a farm some distance from Oydsseus palace.
King of Sparta. he fought at Tory with Odysseus.during the Trojan war. It was the abduaction of his wife, Helen, that caused the war.
King of Pylos. He fought Troy with Odysseus. He is known for his wise counael.
A loyal servant to Odysseus. He and Eumaeus help Odysseus fight the suitors.
A farmous, deceased Greek prophet. Odysseus goes to Hades to consult his spirit.
Goddess of wisdom. She comes to Odyessues' aid by intervening with the other gods to bring Poseidon into line and let Odysseus go home.
Messenger of the gods. He is sent by Zeus to order Calypso to release Odysseus. He, also, guides the souls of the suitors to Hades.
King of allgods. He is the keeper of Fate. He lets Athena assist Odysseus.
Keeper of the winds. He places all ofthe bad winds in a bag and gives them to Odysseus.Ithaca is within sight when the ship's crew lets the winds out and the ship is blown far away by the storms within the bag.
A beautful sea nymph who tries to make Odysseus her husband. She holds him captive for nine years. Calypso offers Odysseus immortality if he will stay with her.
A voilent whirlpool. It destroys all ships that get caught in home by boat, having this god angry at you is not a good idea!
When Odysseus' crew meets her, she turns them; into pigs. Odysseus becomes her lover, and she later helps him on his journey home.
God of the sun. Oydsseus earns his wrath his crew eats some of Helios' sacred cattle.
A people who eat the Lotus plant, naarcotic.
Son of Poseidon. He is one of the Cyclops (one eyed giants). Odysseus blinds him.
God of the Sea. He seeks revenge on Odysseus for injuring his son. Polphemus. When you have to travel home by boat, having this god angry at you in not a good idea!
A six headed monster that Odysseus must go by to get home. She eats six of his men (one for each head).
These beautiful madens lure sailors to their deaths with an irresistible song. Oydsseus fills his crew's ears with wax to save them from temptation.