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an excessive desire to posses wealth
Synoyms:acquisitiveness cupidity covetousness rapacity miserliness parsimony niggardliness greedy stingy
Antonyms: generosity, liberality, openhandedness
extremely eager
Synonyms:zealous ardent keen fervent fervid voracious insatiable rabid fanatical passionate gung ho
Antonyms:indifferent apathetic unresponsive apathy indifference
to tease
Synoyms:plague vex bait harry hassle
Antonyms:soothe calm pacify
puzzle/prevent from achieving a goal
Synoyms:perplex mystify nonplus confound thwart foil balk stymie
Antonyms:understand fathom aid assist
made stale by constant use
synoyms:trite hackneyed stereotyped prosaic insipid vapid fatuous jejune corny platitude cliche pedestrian
antonyms:novel fresh original innovative provacative striking scintillating piquant
warring, party engaged in war
Synoyms:martial combative bellicose quarrelsome contentious pugnacious hawkish
Antonyms:pacific peaceable concliatory dovish
gentle, kindly/wholesome favorable
Synonyms:benelovent auspicious beneficial salutary salubrious
Antonyms:malevolent pernicious deleterious inimical noxious detrimental
petty quarreling
Synonyms:wrangle haggle dicker
Antonyms:agree concur
weird or fantastic
Synoyms:grosteque outlandish freakish queer singular far-out unconventional eccentric
Antonyms:conventional orthodox straight sedate sober staid square conservative
mild or gentle/lacking interest
Synoyms:nonirritating dull boring unexiting insipid lifeless nondescript mediocre run-off-the-mill
Antonyms:irritating spicy racy colorful florid scintillating lively sprightly
red herring
something that distracts attention from the common goal
stool pigeon
a person acting as a decoy or spy
loan shark
someone that lends money at high interest rates
white elephant
something that is an expensive beautiful gift but is a burden to take care of
to handle with kid gloves
to handle something very carefully gently
a dark horse candidate
kangaroo court
a court characterized by dishonesty or incompetence
let cat out of the bag
to let a secret out
paper tiger
something that seems very strong from the outside but very weak from the inside
sacred cow
something that is offlimits
to get one's goat
annoy, pester
wild goose chase
running after something that is not there or impossible to find
paint town red
to have a good time