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Name all the people on the boat that was used when making Magwitch's escape.
Pip, Magwitch, Herbert, and Startop
What at home does Wemmick keep separately from his work?
The Aged
True or False: Pip gets Orlick fired from his job at Miss Havishams.
What was Molly doing that got him to notice that she looked like Estella?
When does Biddy befriend Pip?
When they attend school together
Which two people does Orlick try to hurt during the story?
Mrs. Joe and Pip
Why doesn't Wemmick marry Miss Skiffins right away?
Because he is too poor, but eventually does
Does Miss Havisham and Estella have a argument in front of Pip?
Where does Magwitch come from when he visits Pip in London?
Where did Estella stay when she left Miss Havisham's to live on her own?
Mrs. Bradley's house
True or False: Mr. Pumblechook credits himself with Pip's rise in social class.