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The central character of Things Fall Apart. A young leader of the African Igbo community of Umuofia, he is known as a fierce warrior as well as a successful farmer. He is determined to overcome the stigma left by his father’s laziness and wastefulness.
Okonkwo’s father, known for his weakness and lack of responsibility.
Unoka--Things Fall Apart
Okonkwo’s oldest son, age twelve at the book’s beginning. He is innately a sensitive young man.
A boy of fourteen who is given to Umuofia by a neighboring village to avoid war. He is a clever, resourceful young man.
Ikemefuna--Things Fall Apart
Okonkwo’s second wife; the mother of Ezinma, her only living child.
Ekwefi--Things Fall Apart
Daughter of Ekwefi and Okonkwo; Ekwefi’s only surviving child.
Okonkwo’s third wife; the mother of several of Okonkwo’s children.
Ojiubo--Things Fall Apart
Okonkwo’s best friend, who often represents the voice of reason. He is the father of Maduka (son) and Ekueke (daughter).
Obierika--Things Fall Apart
A village widow who is also the priestess of Agbala.
Chielo--Things Fall Apart
The Oracle of the Hills and the Caves, who influences all aspects of Umuofian life. She is based on the real Oracle at Awka, who controlled Igbo life for centuries.
Agbala--Things Fall Apart
The first white Christian missionary in Umuofia and Mbanta. An understanding and accommodating man, he is inclined to listen to the Igbos.
Mr. Brown--Things Fall Apart
The native interpreter for the missionaries. He is a teacher and a leader of the new church in Mbanta.
Mr. Kiaga--Things Fall Apart
A strict, stereotypical white Christian missionary, he takes over the church after Mr. Brown’s departure.
James Smith--Things Fall Apart
A stern, stereotypical white colonial administrator of Umuofia. He follows regulations to the letter and possesses little knowledge or understanding of the people for whom he tries to administer a new government.
The District Commissioner--Things Fall Apart
A native priest who attempts to reconstruct the disintegrating tribe and his own family.
Stephen Kumalo--Cry...
Stephen's son who left home for the large city and who commits a murder.
Absalom Kumalo--Cry...
The young sister of Stephen who becomes a prostitute in the large city and leads a dissolute life.
Gertrude Kumalo--Cry...
A parish priest in the city who unselfishly helps Stephen find his sister and son.
The priest from England who helps Stephen in his troubles.
Father Vincent--Cry...
Stephen's brother who denies the tribal validity and who becomes a spokesman for the new movement in the city.
John Kumalo
The native landlady with whom Stephen stays while in Johannesburg.
Helps because, "Why else do we live?"
Mrs. Lithebe
A wealthy landowner whose son is murdered by Absalom and who comes to the realization of the guilt of the whites in such crimes.
James Jarvis--Cry...
James Jarvis' son, who does not appear in the novel but whose racial views are highly significant and influential.
Arthur Jarvis--Cry...
The father and the son represent two opposing views concerning the racial problem. The father represents the traditional view and the son the more liberal view.
The Harrisons--Cry...
The Death of Ivan Illyich
Leo Tolstoy
The Metemorphosis
Franz Kafka
Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe
Cry, The Beloved Country
Alan Paton
A Simple Heart
Gastuv Flaubert
Easter 1916
William Butler Yeats
The Second Coming
William Butler Yeats
Sailing to Byzantium
William Butler Yeats
The Lake Isle of Innisfree
William Butler Yeats
Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop
William Butler Yeats
Anna Akhmatova
Naguib Mahtouz
Servant, nanny, and cook of Madame of Aubain for 50 years. Simple and completely illiterate. Envied by the town, loves children, parents died--bad childhood.
Felicite--A Simple Heart
Felicite has a fierce loyalty towards her despite her stand-off-ish attitude towards everyone.
Madame Aubaine--A Simple Heart
Lived at the convent and died young.
Virginie--A Simple Heart
Felicite's nephew--Used Felicite and his mother to get things, but Felicite still loves him unconditionally.
Victor--A Simple Heart
Felicite's parrot that she had stuffed after it died. It eventually becomes holy to her because of the stained glass in which the holy spirit looked like a parrot.
Lou Lou--A Simple Heart
Conformist to society, cared only about trivial things like possessions and card games. Became very dissatisfied with his life.
Ivan Illyich--The Death of Ivan Illyich
The wife of Ivan Illyich who cared more about material possessions and her own happiness than her dying husband.
Praskova Fedorovana--The Death of Ivan Illyich
Servant boy who holds up Ivan Illyich's legs all night.
Gerasim--The Death of Ivan Illyich
Ivan Illyich's supposed best friend who only associates with Ivan for networking. Only cares about taking Ivan's position when he dies.
Peter Ivanovich--The Death of Ivan Illyich
Sells fabric for a living--extremely hard worker.
Gregor Samsa--Metamorphosis
Gregor's sister who cares for him at first and eventually stops caring.
Grete Samsa--Metamorphosis
A aristocratic count from Russia, but gave up privileged life and became a monk. He freed surfs and gave away his land.
Leo Tolstoy
Considered himself an intellectual elite.
William Butler Yeats
Lived through the crumbling of the Soviet Union. Minimalist--no flowery language.
Egyptian Cultural Identity--Worried about Capitalism's effects on culture--business men too busy to help him.