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acclimate (v)
to adapt or become adapted to a new environment or climate
ancestral (adj)
of, pertaining to, or descending from an ancestor
aspire (v)
to have an earnest desire or ambition
dependent (adj)(n)
conditioned by or contingent upon somethin else; one who depends on another
despite (prep)
in spite of
evolve (v)
to work out or develop gradually
exquisite (adj)
marked by rare and delicate beauty
extreme (adj) (n)
exceddingly great or sever: the highest degree
exuberant (adj)
full of high spirits and vitality
fervent (adj)
showing great warmth or intensity
fervent (adj)
showing great warmth or intensity
crescendo (n) (v)
a gradual increase in volume
foretell (v)
to tell in advance; utter a prophecy
impending (adj)
about to occur; imminent
incredible (adj)
impossible to believe
ingenious (adj)
showing cleverness or ingenuity; inventive
meager (adj)
inadequate; deficient in quality or quantity
precipitated (v)
to hasten the occurrence of
suffrage (n)
to act or process of voting
thrive (v)
to prosper; be successful; grow
unsung (adj)
not celebrated; obscure