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Opening prayer asking the goddesses of inspiration for help in telling the story.
Invocation of the muse
In the middle of the action
In medias res
Simile which extends over several lines, often making several comparisons.
epic simile
What monarch commanded the translation of the Bible in which we read from the book of Genesis?
King James
What knowledge did the tree of knowledge provide?
gave them the knowledge to know that they were naked.
What physical impairment did Milton suffer?
he went blind
to whom did he dictate paradise lost to?
his daughters
what was satan's sin?
who was satan's right hand man?
Who allowed Satan to be released from his chains?
Who was the author of the Inferno?
What is the title of the work in which the Inferno was found?
The Divine comedy
In allegorical terms, What does Dante Represent?
Christian Sinner
In allegorical terms, what does Darkwood represent?
Life of Sin
In allegorical terms, what does Beatrice represent?
Divine Love
In allegorical terms, what does Virgil represent?
Human Reason
On what day does the author's journey begin?
Good Friday
On what day does his journey end?
Easter Sunday
How many lines are in a tercet
How many circles are in the Inferno?
How do the virtuous pagans suffer?
no punishment other than no hope to heaven, circle 1
What does the number 3 symbolize?
Holy Trinity