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Riddling metaphor
Alliterative verse
Has the same first consanent sound
Oral poets
A pause between text
An exaggeration for emphasis
Verbal irony
Iron which is spoken by the character Ex: death is dead
Situational irony
Irony when the story takes a completely different turn from the expected
Dramatic irony
Irony when the audience knows something the characters don't
Medival Romance
Includes code of chivalry, courtley love, idealized hero, a journey, light hearted tone, and a faraway setting,
What is the main reason that Gawain seeks out the Green Knight after their first encounter?
He has given the Green Knight his word
What are the 5 points of Gawain's pentangle?
5 fingers, 5 senses, 5 joys of mary, 5 inguries Jesus recieves on the cross, and the 5 knightlyhoods
By what name is the Gawain poet known?
The pearl poet
The Green knight says that Morgana sent him to Arthur's castle for what purpose?
To test the virtue of Arthur's Knights and hoping that the beheading of the Green Knight would scare Guenevere to death.
What was the real reason that the lady offers Gawain the green scarf?
To tempt him
What is results from Gawain's keeping the green scarf a secret from the lord?
The Green Knight's third blow nicks Gawain's neck
How does Gawain break his bargin with the lord?
By lying to the lord about taking the green scarf
The Green Knight gives the green scarf to Gawain to
Reward him
To Gawain the green scarf represents what?
His sins
The Green Knight enters King Arthur's court carying
A holly branch and an axe.
Gawain's story concludes with
His return to Camelot
What are the 3 game that the lord hunts?
Deer, Boar head, and Fox
What does Gawaine give in return?
a total of 6 kisses
(1 the first hunt, 2 the second, and three the third)
What is the setting of Sir Gawaine an the
Green Night?
New year's eve at Camelot
What is the game the knight proposes?
In a year and one day Sir Gawaine must come to the Green Chapel and let the the Green night swing the ax at him.
The knight mocks the court for being afraid of what?
The Bob and Wheel does what?
Provides comentary on what has already happened, creates or fufills moments of suspense, serves as a transition to the next scene or idea.
"Sea weary soul" is what?
King of the Danes
King of the Geats early in beowulf
His name is used in an attempt to discredit Beowulf
Hrothgar's queen
People who need help in fighting Grendel
Beowulf's young kinsman and steadfast supporter
Father of Beowulf
Residents of an area in now modern-day Sweden
Hrothgar's battle hall
Sword that breaks to pieces against the dragon
The weapon borrowed from Unferth
A Danish warrior who is at first envious of Beowulf
Descendant of Cain
Leader of the last successful invasion of Britain in 1066
Roman general who brought Britain into recorded history
Julius Caesar
Priests who presserved the oral tradition of learning and literature in Britain
Gold given by a king to the survivors of a slain warrior
Arrogant, violent woman who is "tammed" by Offa
Believes that lasting fame is of the utmost imporance
Believes those who desert thier leader would be better off dead
Believes Denmark's future security is certaint
Believes the king's death means war for the Geats
Believes Beowulf's fame is overrated
Believes a king must gaurd against excessive pride
Beowulf is...
A Geatish warrior
Upon meeting Beowulf, Unfeth does what?
Challenges Beowulf's reputation
On the night of Beowulf's arrival what does Grendal do?
Kill one of Beowulf's warriors
Where does Beowulf fight Grendel's mother?
In a hall at the bottom of a lake
Who is Beowulf's apparent successor?
Beowulf dies because...
He is fatally wounded in his fight with the dragon
An event or story that hints to what might happen later (Ex. story of Sigmund foreshadows Beowulf's success
Stock epithet
a metaphor the replaces a noun (Ex. Swift-footed achillies)
In the Lord of the Flies the Conch represents...
Government, order, civiliztion
Fire represents...
Home, rescure, comfort and hope but also becomes a destructive force
Sow's Head represents...
Lord of the flies, traslation of the greek "Beelzebub" both are synonyms for the devil
Ralph represents...
SEnse and order, rational and logical, thought assembly, and debate. Civilzed ethic behavior but also the thinly veiled savagery in all humans
Jack represents...
anarchy and uncontrolled savagery
Piggy represents...
Intellectual power and insight gained through observation
Simon represents...
Intuative insight, self awareness and hsi death is the begining of the end of civilization
Biguns represent...
The unthinking masses who blindly follow whoever is in charge
Littleuns represent...
The innocents who are often unaffected by larger issues
Roger represents...
Cruelty and sadism
Samneric represent...
Those who are not strong enough to defend and maintain their convictions
Ironies in the Lord of the Flies include...
virtual paradice becomes the setting of a muder, EArly on Jack says the boys are "not savages" yet he is the first to become one,we know waht the "beast is but the boys dont, and simon hopes to help the boys with the truth, but becomes the beast and is killed.