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What are the four important English principles that became cornerstones of American political thought?
1. Limited gorvernment
2. representative government
3. Individual Liberty
4. Rule by law
British dominated all of North America est of the ________ after 1763
It was England's _________ that most deeply influenced government in the colonies.
What state was controlled by the Dutch then taken over by Sweden then retaken again by the Dutch?
What was the first settlement?
What five countries fought for land?
1. Spain
2. France
3. England
4. Sweden
5. Holland
What was the main purpose of Jamestown?
To make a profit.
What type of colonists settled in Massachusettes?
1. Pilgrims(1620)
2. Puritans(1628)
What was the main purpose of Massachusettes?
Religous freedom.
What state was taken over by British from Spain?
England took over this Dutch colonies at New Netherlands?
New York
England Vs. France also named as?
French and Indian War A.K.A. seven year war.
Name three main reasons Britain wanted colonies in North America?
1. Provide a market for goods of British Merchants.
2. Supply raw materials to factories.
3. Remain loyal subjects to Britain.
What colonies drew people from Europe?
1. Great Britian
2. Germany
3. France
4. Slaves from America