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knight wounded in thigh, sails to another land, meets lady, is healed, falls in love, they are discovered, he has to leave, she escapes, belt notch and shirt tie
evil king, loves seneschals wife, she is well matched, the plot ill against someone who did them no harm, die
Le Fresne
mother says ill about woman who had twins, has twins, has to have one sent away, gives tokens, girl grows up, meets great knight, falls in love, he's to marry, she gives her blanket-token to him and his new wife, mother sees, rights the injustices
knight in le fresne
la codre
le fresne's sister
wereworlf man, tells wife b/c she asks, she doesn't like, steals clothes so he's always a werewolf, remarries to man who'd been after her, king meets wolf, takes as pet, wolf tries to attack wife, king makes wife tell, bisclavret restored, wife noseless
ethereal lover, tells guinevere when she accuses him of being gay, loses her, goes on trial for arthur, must produce woman more beautiful than guinevere, ethereal sees his repentance, comes to save him
bird lover and woman discovered, bird lover dies, woman has son, yonec, he gets tokens from his dad when he's older, she dies seeing them, he kills stepdad
girl pregnant unmarried, sends child away to an aunt, married to another man, knight (milun) goes adventuring, eventually fights son, recognizes from ring token, lady's husband dies, son marries father to mother
E goes adventuring, meets lovely girl, falls in love with her, can't reconcile love for her and his well matched wife, does nothing, wife becomes a nun, he and girl are married, then later they each go to the Lord
from Erec, knight with the dwarf who slapped Guinevere
Erec, knight from joy of the court
Temporale/ Sanctorale
holidays of Christ, holidays of the saints
Cressida's father
greek lover of Cressida
man Pandar claimed was bringing up a new argument against Cressida
Man Pandar claims Troilus thinks Cressida has eyes for
when an author retracts a previously made statement
evil pockets
ferryman of the styx
evil claws
names of the devils in the 5th bolgia
Paolo and Francesca
lust sinners
Brunetto Latini
Dante's mentor, in the circle of the sodomites
homeric character, in the 8th bolgia, counselor of fraud in war, led men to their deaths
Guido da Montefeltro
tactician, tricked by Boniface into losing his salvation
Betran de Born
wrote war poetry
Count Ugolino
ate his children
donation of constantine
fake doctrine by constantine giving the church political power