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What type engines do we have
GE CF34 8E5
Describe the engine
High bypass, 2 spool axial flow, turbofan engine
What is the max thrust put out by the engine
Describe the N1 spool
Single stage fan
4 stage LP turbine
Describe the N2 spool
10 stage compressor w/variable geometry
2 stage HP turbine
How many igniters are there per engine
What is the power source for the FADEC
PMA above 50% N2, below this values it is the aircrafts electrical system
How many igniters activate for engine start
What happens when the ignition switch is put into overide
Activates both igniters on the ground or in flight
Can the igniters be turned off during flight
Yes, but the FADEC disregards the command. The off is used during dry motoring on the ground
What controls the engine
A dual channel FADEC
Why does the FADEC have two channels
One is active and the other is on standby
Is only one FADEC channel used all the time
No, they alternate after each engine start
What does the cyan line indicate on the N1 gauge during approach
The minimum N1 for bleed required in icing conditions
When does the cyan line on the N1 gauge appear
RA Altimeter below 1200' and only in icing conditions with gear down or flaps extended

It indicates the minimum thrust needed to meet bleed requirement
What sources are available for engine start
-External source (huffer cart/air bottle)
-Opposite engine
-Windmill start
Does the FADEC provide engine start protection
Only on the ground for a hot start,hung start,no light off
Does the FADEC provide engine proetction for an air start
What will the FADEC automatically do in case of hot start
It will not allow fuel flow if ITT is >120 C

It will dry motor the engine and introduce fuel when ITT is <120 C
Describe the engine start sequence
N2 starts increasing

7%N2=Ignition A or B

20%N2=N1 Increasing w/ Fuel flow

Light Off occurs within 5 sec after fuel flow and ITT rising

50%N2=Ignition Off and oil positive indication
Describe a stable engine after start
ITT=460 C
FF-480 lb/hr
Oil Pressure>25 psi
What does WML indicate on the engine indications
-Windmilling engine
-FADEC has detected a flameout and is trying to autorelight or an assisted start has been commanded
What provides overspeed protection
FADEC via the FMU, approximately 52%N2 and 102%N2 respectively
What happens after 3 overspeed detection events
FADEC will not relight the engine
What heats the fuel and cools the oil
Fuel/Oil heat exchanger
What is ATTCS and what controls it
Automatic Takeoff thrust control system

It provides MAX thrust RSV according to the current rate previously selected via the MCDU
What controls the ATTCS
What will trigger the ATTCS
TO-RSV (TL beyond TOGA)
GA (2 ENG)
What is FLEX
Reduced takeoff thrust based on assumed temperature (tells the FADEC that it is warmer than it is so it will reduce the thrust)
Can the FLEX thrust be reduced lower than the climb thrust
Does the engine, APU, and IDG share the same lubrication system
No, they are all indepemndent
When the engine is started what receives the air to begin the rotation
Air turbine starter
How are the engine thrust reversers controlled
Hydraulic and the FADEC provides protection against inadvertent deployment
What powers the FADEC below 50%N2
The aircraft ESS electrical system
What is the green tick mark on the N1 gauge
Max N1 allowed for current thrust rating and operating conditions
What is the moving arc on the N1 gauge
Value requested based on TLA
What is the cyan > mark on the N1 gauge
Max N1 for selected engine thrust mode
What happens if you are in max reverse and let go of the thrust levers
They will move to minimum reverse
What does the amber REV indicate
Reversers are in transit
How is the N1 limit indicated on the EICAS
Red tickmark
What is normal engine vibration range
Will the engine attempt an autorelight on the ground
Yes, but it will stop when engine N2 falls below 50%
Can you deploy a reverser on an engine that has failed
Yes, up to 30 seconds following the failure, then it is locked out by the FADEC
What is displayed on the EICAS if the ATTCS is activated
The green ATTCS is replaced with CYAN and the RSV indication
If the ATTCS is off will you get RSV with an engine failure or windshear on T/O in the TOGA position
What is flight idle
The minimum required thrust to provide minimum engine bleed to the airplane
What is the maximum thrust in GA? GA RSV?
When does the FADEC consider the anti-ice off
Altitude below 1200 feet
At what RPM will the FADEC shutdown the engine in flight and on the ground
Will the FADEC command an autorelight if RPM exceeds 102%
Yes, but if there is 3 overspeed detections within 30 seconds then no
Normal takeoff thrust is how many lbs
During an engine flameout what will the FADEC do to the EDP
Depressurize it to reduce torque loads on the engine to facilitate a windmill start