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Surface scratching, fatigue cracks and bond failures are among those forms of bearing damage which require ________ for detection.
low magnification for detection
Very fine particles which escape filtration and are smaller than the minimum bearing clearance may cause?
scratching in a bearing
Large particles of foreign material which migrate through a bearing clearance space cause?
Lubrication quality in a bearing will be destroyed by?
hot spots on the bearing surface
What would a distorted wear pattern on a bearing indicate?
a misaligned bearing or connecting rod
Cyclic and pulsating loads aggrivated by extreme temperatures and overloads are the major causes of?
fatigue failure
Inspection of a bearing in which the bonds has failed will reveal?
a clean separation from the backing
A diesel engine which runs with low lube oil temperature and a certain amount of piston blow-by is a contributing cause of?
corrosion in a bearing
Bearing corrosion may begin when a lubricating oil has lost its?
lubricating value
Additives are used in lubricating oils to?
retard oil oxidation