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What causes piston slap?
worn pistons and liners
Cracks in a piston crown may be caused by a?
failure of the cooling system
By what means can you detect clogged lube oil passages in a connecting rod assembly?
a careful visual inspection
What is most likely to occur if a piston assembly is installed in a cylinder with insufficient piston to liner clearance?
piston binding in the cylinder
Proper balancing of engine cylinder loads included which three factors?
exhaust temperature, rack setting and firing pressures.
What causes oxidation of lubrication oil?
high operating temperatures
Which is not a function of the piston rings?
Position the piston in the cylinder
Insufficient piston ring pressure may be responsible for?
rings binding in ring grooves
Piston rings which have angle type gaps should be positioned on the piston so that the slope of the gaps on adjacent rings will be?
in alternating directions 180 degrees apart
After you have properly installed a new set of pistons rings and connecting rods bearings, the engine is run the first time and the top compression ring breaks. What is the most probable cause?
Cylinder ridge not removed
Improper lubrication of piston pins and bushings may be caused by?
misalignment of pistons pin bushing
Cracked connecting rods are usually caused by?
Why is it not recommended that cracked connecting rods be repaired?
eventual breakage might result in serious damage
Which will cause only the lower half of a main bearing to fail?
overloading of the engine