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What is the careful use and preservation of our natural resources?
What is to use materials again to make a new product
What are formed over millions of years from the remains of dead plants and animals
Fossil Fuels
What are take from the ground (or under the sea floor)?
Fossil Fuels
What are very important energy sources?
Fossil Fuels
What is not expensive?
Fossil Fuels
What burns mostly fossil fuels? 4 things
Power plants, industries, buildings, motor vehicles
Are fossil fuels renewable or nonrenewable?
What is nonrenewable?
Cannot produce them again in our lifetime. Once they are used they are gone.
Examples of fossil fuels. (3)
coal (a solid), oil (a liquid), natural gas
What are human influences that affect natural resources? (4)
Pollution (water, air and land) and fire
True of False: Human action can affect the survival of plants and animals. If so how?
True. Humans can change habitats.
What is energy released from an atom in nuclear fission or fusion.
Nuclear Energy
T/F Nuclear energy is a very weak energy sources that is nonrenewable
False except for the nonrenewable part
What is a black solid substance that is dug up from the ground for use as a fuel. It is a fossil fuel