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Energy sources that can replenish themselves over time are called ....
renewable energy
Energy sources that cannot replenish themselves over timea are called ....
non-renewable energy
The type of energy that is made from the ancient remains of dead plants & other organisms is called....
fossil fuel
Three types of fossil fuel are ____, ____, and ____.
natural gas
Solid fossil fuel from the remains of dead plants is called....
The majority of the energy in this country comes from ....
Electricity is made by spinning a coil of wires inside a....
magnetic field
Since we can't effectively store electricity, then as soon as it's made it must be....
Devices that make electricity by spinning a coil of wires in a magnetic field is called a....
The top two pollutants that come from burning coal are ____ and _____.
sulfur dioxide
Anthracite coal is more expensive than the softer bituminous coal because...
anthracite contains less sulfur
When sulfur (from burning coal) mixes with water, the water becomes....
acidic (hence acid rain)
Oil in tar sands and in oil shale requires a lot of processing and expenditure of energy. Therefore, those energy sources are very.....
Mercury from coal smoke gets in the water and comes back to us as it moves up the ____ chain
Nuclear energy involves the splitting of Uranium atoms to release huge amount of energy. We call this process....
We have not promoted nuclear energy so much over the last few decades because of ...
Three Mile Island and Chernobyl
Nuclear energy is so costly and inefficient because....
it requires so many steps to get it from the ground to electricity in your home.
The more steps it takes to process and deliver energy, the more ____ that energy is.
According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, some energy is always ____ in very energy transfer.
wasted or lost, usually as heat
Except during the building of a nuclear power plant, nuclear power has ___ carbon dioxide emissions.
When nuclear fuel is "spent", a major problem that arises is....
what to do with the waste fuel. It is so radioactive, it must be shielded far away from anyone for a long time.
Energy cannot be ....
Solar cells that make electricity are called...
PV or photovoltatic cells
When light hits silicon wafers, _____ are released, which create an electric current.
A major problem with wind and solar energy is that...
the wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn't always shine
Wind energy can provide all our electricity needs if we install the turbines, but a big reason that we haven't done so is....
we don't have transmission lines from the wide-expanse of remote places to get the electricity to population centers.
Hydroelectric power is nothing more than ____ flowing _____ ans spinning a ____ attached to a generator.
A major problem with hydroelectric dams is...
they disturb ecosystems upstream and downstream;
stop sediment flow;
When steam from deep underground is used to spin turbogenerators, we call it...
geothermal energy
Water can be split into ____ and ___ using electricity in process called water electrolysis.
oxygen and hydrogen
Hydrogen and oxygen can be recombined and made to burn in an _____ to make a car run.
Hydrogen and oxygen can also be recombined in a ___ ____ to make electricity, which the opposite of electrolysis.
fuel cell
Examples of biofuels include....
wood, garbage, waste agricultural products, waste oil, ethanol, cow manure methane
Electricity that is generated by moving turbines by the flow of the incoming and outgoing tides is called....
tidal energy
A key to making our energy go farther is by....