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In the video that you watched, the electric stove's heat is transferred to the pan by
A device that pulls heat energy from a warm area and provides a cool space where food can be kept is a
Temperature tells use the _________ movement or kinetic energy of all the particles in an object.
In an automobile engine, chemical energy from fuel is transferred to heat energy to _____________ energy.
In a phase change diagram during the liquid phase
the motion of the molecules increases.
In a phase change diagram, when a gas changes to a liquid,
heat energy is lost.
A boulder rolls down a steep hill. It reaches its maximum kinetic energy
at the bottom of the hill.
The maximum potential energy of a pendulum occurs at
the top of the swing.
Each swing of a pendulum is shorter because of
friction and air resistance.
When a substance changes from a solid to a liquid to a gas
energy is taken in.