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Do sorbitol and other sugar alcohols contribe some calories?
What is an adverse affect of sorbital and other sugar alcohols?
Can also cause severe diarrhea.
What are 2 examples of sorbital/sugar alcohols?
Mallitol and Zylotal.
With regards to central adiposity, an adult male with a waist over what # should be concerned?
40 inches
With regards to central adiposity, an adult female with a waist over what # should be concerned?
35 inches
What herbal supplement interferes with the action of HTN medications?
What portion size of poultry, meat should a person be able to have?
The whole palm of your hand is roughly an appropriate serving size of poultry or meat (without the skin if possible)
What on your hand is equivalent to a teaspoon?
The top segment of your thumb.
What approximately equals a cup?
A closed fist.
How many vegetables should a patient be having?
At least a cup (closed fist) of vegetables in a serving.
What vitamins are preferred?
Multivitamins are always preferred and make sure they do not have more than twixe the recommended dietary allowance.
How can a male's body weight be quickly estimated?
106 lb for first 5 ft + 6 lbs for every inch (male)
How can a female's body weight be quickly estimated?
100 lb for first 5 ft + 5 lbs for every inch (female).
Most people do well on a ___kcal/kg diet.
30-35 kcal/kg
What is the Idaho Plate Method?
A tool for dietary counseling on what you should be eating at meals.
According to the Idaho Plate Method, what food should a plate contain?
1/2 the plate should consist of vegetables, a fourth should consist of bread/starch/grain and a fourth should contain meat/protein. Should have some fruit and dairy if possible.
What does the following describe: Half plate meat/protein, small amt. of vegetables (if any), and the rest of the plate containing bread/starch/grain. Instead of fruit and diary, it is replaced by soda and dessert.
Average American diet
In Type II Diabetic children, what must the physician remember?
Even if they are overweight, remember they are growing children. They still need adequate calories.
What type of hormone is insulin, catabolic/anabolic?
Anabolic hormone.
Adjusting your insulin and eating more could mean what in Type I Diabetes?
Someone might put on more weight.
What is one problem that we are seeing more with Type I individuals?
Obesity-->they can eventually develop insulin resistance.
What is the main concern in Type II Diabetics?
Insulin resistance.
In type II diabetics, what may potentially reduce insulin resistance in conjunction with physical activity?
Any kind of weight loss, even 5 lbs.
During pregnancy, there is an increase in counter regulatory hormones, what could this cause?
Chance of blood sugar being abnormally high maybe even greater.
Normally, what percentage of total calories do we want from carbs? What percentage of total calories do we want from in a pregnant female?
Normal: 55-60% of total calories come from carbs.
Pregnancy: 45% of total caloreis from carbs.
Once a patient goes into renal failure and they need to have hemodialysis, is it easier to control blood sugar?
Yes, it is easier to control blood sugar but it becomes more of a priority to worry about the other things that may be abnormal in the patient.
What is delayed gastric emptying also known as?
What recommendation regarding insulin dosage should be made for a patient suffering from gastroparesis?
Would recommend that the patient take their insulin closer to the time they eat or immediately after eating.
-Heartburn, nausea, vomiting, complaints of weight-loss, bloating, and malabsorption of nutrients-->All of these symptoms are correlated with what abnormality?
What are the food implications for an individual suffering from gastroparesis?
-Small meals, liquid meals
-Avoid high fat and high fiber foods
-->will aggrevate the symptoms
-->cauliflower and broccoli can have negative effects
-Sometimes a feeding tube is warranted, in very extremem cases
When giving a patient parenteral nutrition, how many kcal of nutrtients do we want to give per mL?
Usually don't want to give more than 1 kcal per mL.
When using parenteral nutrition, what type of feeding should be done over the course of a day?
Do continuous drip-feeding, very slowly over the course of the day.
If a patient is experiencing hypoglycemia, what is the rule that is to be used?
15/15 rule-->give 15 g of glucose and wait 15 minutes and check the blood sugar again.
When treating a hypoglycemia patient, what choice of foods should be used?
Things that are not mixed, like organe juice, pop, plain simple sugar water, works a lot faster.
15-20 g of carbs can usually raise the blood sugar by how much in what time frame?
30 mg within 30 minutes.
When someone is on a clear liquid diet, they must be given what?
It is important that you try and give them something with carbs, even if it has sugar in it.
For a pateint on a clear liquid diet, how many carbs are recommended every 3-4 hours?
30-40 grams of carbs
For a patient on a clear liquid diet, how many grams of carbs are recommended every 24-hour period.
200 grams of carbs over a 24-hour period
What drug has been effective in delaying or retarding the progression or onset of diabetes--In a pre-diabetic patient or in a patient with metabolic syndrome?
What does anthropometrics status refer to?
Height, weight, waist circumference