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Allostatic Regulation
system alters range of function and set point in reponse to new conditions
use suitable target affect of a hormone to quantify the hormone
Endocrine vs. Exocrine
Endo-ductless; secrete internally and use the general circulation for transport; highly vascularized and fenestrated
Exo-use ducts to discharge their secretion onto the body surface or elsewhere
substance secreted by an endocrine gland into the blood, through which the hormone affects various tissues and organs
Parabiotic experiment
used to prove that a hormone is tranpsorted via blood; circulate blood from normal to treated animal and back and monitor whether the deficient animal returns to normal
prolonged, continuing bone growth with metabolic abnormalities due to excess growth hormone
Tropic hormones
stimulating hormones that direct the secretion of a product from another endocrine gland; inclueds ACTH, TSH, FSH, and LH (all exhibit long loop feedback)
Adiposogenital syndrome
decreased hormone levels produced from basophils (TSH, FSH, and LH)
Competence Test
a test to determine if a person is capable of producing a hormone; usually a stimulant is administered to determine if the hormone levels rise as a consequence
Long loop feedback
3 levels of regulation: hypothalamus, pituitary, and endocrine gland; includes ACTH, TSH, FSH, and LH
Short loop feedback
2 levels of regulation: hypothalamus, pituitary; includes PRL
Ultrashort loop feedback
1 level of regulation: hypothalamus; releasing hormones regulate the release of themselves;
Diabetes insipidus
diuresis and watery urine because of decreased water reabsorption within the kidneys due to a lack of ADH