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All patients with incidentally discovered adrenal masses should undergo hormonal screening. T/F
E: True
A: T
What is the best test to screen for Cushing's syndrome?
E: 24 hour urinary free cortisol
A: urin*corti
Patients with adrenal masses associated with hypertension or hypokalemia should undergo the following test.
E: Morning aldosterone-to-renin activity ratio.
A: aldo.*ren.*
What are the indications for surgical resection of an adrenal mass?
E: Larger than 6 cm, hormonally active tumors, pheochromocytoma.
A: 6, horm, pheo
Fine needle aspiration biopsy is useful in distinguishing a benign adrenal mass from a adrenal carcinoma. T/F?
E: Cytology cannot reliably distinguish a benign adrenal mass and adrenal carcinoma.
A: F
Patients with adrenal masses can be managed by repeat imaging if adrenal masses are nonfunctioning and less than __ cm in size.
E: Patients with adrenal masses can be managed by repeat imaging if adrenal masses are nonfunctioning and less than 3 cm in size.
A: 3
Name three common causes of primary hyperparathyroidism.
E: Chronic renal insufficiency, Vitamin D deficiency, intestinal malabsorption.
A: CRI, D, malab
What is the first step in the workup for hypercalcemia?
E: Measurement of intact PTH.
In the workup for hypercalcemia, if the PTH is normal or high, the next test that should be performed is?
E: The 24 hour urinary calcium.
A: urin.*ca
A pt with hypercalcemia has mildly elevated PTH, high 24 hour urinary calcium. What is the diagnosis?
E: Primary hyperparathyroidism.
A: prim*hyper
A patient with hypercalcemia has low PTH. What are the next tests to be performed?
E: Vitamin D metabolities, PTHrP
A: D, rp
What are the indications for parathyroidectomy in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism (NIH reccomendations)?
E: Serum calcium +1 mg/dL above normal; 24 hour urine calcium above 400; creatinine clearance reduced by 30%; BMD T-score less than 2.5 at any site; age less than 50.
A: 1, cr, bmd, age