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List 4 hormones that have an effect on GH secretion.
Thyroid Hormone
What is the probably cause of increase in IGFs during puberty?
Increase in Androgen causing increase in GH causing increase in IGFs.
Explain regulation of GH secretion.
Feeback regulation from IGFs and GH activating GHIH, which inhibits GH release from Ant. Pit.

Secretion UPREGULATED by sleep, exercise, hypoglycemia and amino acids.
Direct effects of GH

Indirect effects of GH
Direct - Increase Lean body mass. (1) Burn fat(lipolysis) (2) Increase muscle mass (aa uptake, protein synthesis, decrease glucose uptake).

Indirect effect - Increase IGFs (increase organ size and function and linear growth)
How does high levels of Free FA impact GH secretion?
Inhibit it. Hence, obesity inhibits GH secretion.
Explain diurnal patterns of following hormones...

Cortisol - High early morning
GH - High during deep sleep
What kind of receptor does GH and Prolactin use>

Binding of ligand dimerizes the receptor, which phosphorylates JAKs and JAKs are dimerized and they phosphorylate STATs. STAT dimerization enables them to act as nuclear transcription factors.
What is unique about PRL secretion control?
Primary control is inhibitory via Dopamine. If all nervous stimulation was cut off, PRL levels would RISE.
High levels of Arg is analogous to high levels of..
Insulin. Hence, High Arg levels cause release of GH.
Which enzyme is found in the NE granule?
Dopamine Beta Hydroxylase
Which enzyme is necessary for Cortisol inactivation?
11 hydroxysteriod dehydrogenase.
What is "Syndrome of Apparent Mineraocorticoid Excess"
Deficiency of 11Hydroxysteriod DHD. Increase in active form of Cortisol, which works on the same receptor as Aldosterone and so this seems like increase in Aldosterone.
Which hormone is essential for anti-imflammatory and immunosuppresive actions?