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Endocrine glands secrete into
Interstisial fluid
Exocrine glands secrete into
body cavities
The Nervous System
stimulates/inhibits Endocrine system.
Affects only muscles or glands
Effects occur rapidly/short lived
The Endocrine System
Affects primarily body tissues
effects slower/last longer
Lipid Soluble Hormones are
steroid (4 rings @ core)
T3 and T4 (benzene ring)
NItric Oxide (hormone and neurotransmitter)
Water Soluble Hormones are
Amine and Peptide/Protein
3 stages of stress response
1. fight or flight
2. resistance
3. exhaustion
Diabetes Insipidus is due to defects in secretion of
Most common form of hyperthyroidism is
Grave's Disease
Hypersecretion of Cortisol causes
Cushing's Disease
Signs of Cushing's Disease are
spindly arms and legs, round moon face, buffalo hump on back
Hyposecretion of glucocorticoids and aldosterone cause
Addison's Disease
Diabetes Mellitus is caused by
inablility to produce Insulin
Type 1 Diabetes is also known as
Insulin Dependant