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contains an ovum
Graafian follicle
four oval masses on posterior thyroid gland
thyroid follicle
pars nervous
produces insulin
pancreatic islets
cells between the thyroid follicles
parathyroid gland
inner cortical layer of adrenal gland
zona reticularis
contains hormones in a colloid
C cells
pituitary gland
master gland
develops from ruptured Graafian follicle
corpus luteum
innermost part of gland above kidney
adrenal medulla
stalk of pituitary gland
outer cortical layer of adrenal gland
zona glomerulosa
produces spermatozoa
seminiferous tubules
exocrine cells of pancreas
acinar cells
anterior pituiary gland
found in thalamus gland
thymic corpuscle
produces testosterone
interstitial cells
cells that respond to a specific hormone
target cells