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What is the endocrine system?
* integrates, coordinates and
controls body processes by chemical signals (hormones)
that are released into the extracellular tissue spaces
and carried by the vasculature to distant target cells.
Categories of classic hormones
1) Amino acid- and
arachidonic acidderivatives
2) Small peptides, polypeptides, proteins
3) Steroids: Cholesterolderived
How do hormones affect the body?
*Most have carrier proteins, even water-soluble hormones
*Binding of a hormone to its specific receptor
triggers a cascade of intracellular messages
resulting in metabolic and
functional changes in the
target cell
What are the different hormone receptors?
*Cell surface receptors
- Activate second messenger cascades, most of which are stimulatory on target cell metabolism
*Intracellular receptors
- Most are in the nucleus
- Generally influence gene expression without the help of a second messenger