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what are the hormones released from the endocrine system?
- Thyrotropin Releasing H.
- Corticotropin Releasing H.
- Gonadotropin Releasing H.
- Prolactin Releasing H.
- Somatostatin
What area of the brain do the respective endocrine hormones work on?
The hypothalamic region
What are the 3 types of pituitary disorders?
1) Hyperfunction
2) Hypofunction
3) Diabetes Insipidus
What does the hormone "prolactin" do?
- controls formation of breast milk
- influences fertility
- influences bone strength
What does the hormone "growth hormone" do?
regulates body growth
What does the hormone "ACTH" do?
stimulates the adrenal glands to make cortisol
What does the hormone "Thyrotropin (TSH)" do?
stimulates the thyroid gland to make thyroid hormone
What does the hormone "LH" do?
stimulates ovaries/testes to make sex hormones
What does the hormone "FSH" do?
regulates fertility in men thru sperm production & in women thru ovulation