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What is a first order feedback loop?
The hormone secreting cell senses a need, secretes the hormone that will meet the need, sense that the need has been met, and then cease secreting.
What is a long feedback loop?
Target gland hormone feeds back negatively to the anterior pituitary and to the hypothalamus.
What is a short feedback loop?
Pituitary trophic hormone feeds back negatively to the hypothalamus.
What is an ultrashort feedback loop?
Hypothalamic releasing hormone feeds back negatively to the hypothalamus itself.
What is a radioimmunoassay?
Ab is incubated with a specific radiolabelled hormone. Patient's plasma is then added and the amount of radiolabelled hormone that is displaced by the original is a measure of how much hormone exists in the plasma.
What is an ELISA for hormone measurement?
A well coated with Ab1 is specific to the hormone. The patient's serum is then added to the well and washed. Ab2 is later added, which is specific to a different epitope of the same hormone. Ab3, covalently attached to a radiolabeled enzyme and specific for the Ab2 Fc, is finally added. The amoutn fo fluorescence indicates presence of hormone.
When is a stimulation test used and how is it done?
To study hypofunction of a gland. A hormone is injected that is trophic for the gland being studied.
When is a suppression test used and how is it done?
To study hyperfunction of a gland. Inject a molecule that feeds back negatively for the gland and see if it gets suppressed at all.