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major tissues resp for insulin resistance and T2DM?
high risk of what in T2DM?
high CV risk
lipid abnl in T2DM?
1. high TG
2. high LDL
3. low HDL
Tx lipid D/O in T2DM
a.decrease LDL
i.primary: statin,
ii.secondary: ezetimibe (inhibits chol abs at brush border of sm int)

b.increase HDL
i.primary: behavioral modification
ii.secondary: nicotinic acid (relative concentration in DM)
(MOA: decr clearance of HDL)

c.decrease TG:
i.glycemic control
ii.fibrates (gemfibrozil)
(MOA: activate PPAR-alpha
==>incr lipoprotein lipase

d.combined hyperlipidemia: i.glycemic control
insulin resistance syndrome
3 out of the 5:
-abdom obesity
(men: > 40 inch, women>35)
-HTN (BP>30/85)
-fasting plasma glucose>110
-high TG (>150)
-low HDL (<40 men, <50 women)
primary LDL goal in DM
if TG>500, what is top priority?
top priority=normalize plasma glucose

-if that's not enoguh to normalize TG, fibrates=DOC