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Anglo-Ottoman Treaty
Britain upset of M. 'Ali's non-implementation, encouraged revolts against him
Ottoman Army defeated
In N. Syria 1839 by I. Parsha, Ottoman Navy defected o M. Ali
Abdul Masjid II
New Sultan, Noble Rescript of Chamber of Roses which promised equality
Beirut/Acre occupation
By British and Austrian navies
London Convention of 1840
Pressured M. Ali to leave Syria, increased European intervention did not help M. Ali
Effects of Egyptian Rule on Syrian population
-Impressed Syria w/achievements, pressured them for alternative rule
-Rural insurgency against MA continued against others
-Emancipation of Christians, heightened M-C tensions
-Increased European intervention in Syria
-Ended M. 'Ali's dreams of empire
Pos effects of M. 'Ali for arab nationalism
-Spread of Western Beliefs thru misisonary schools and press
-MA's challegne to Ottoman rule raised hopes for alternative, Arab rule
-Ottoman Sultans no longer invincible
-Helped Arab nationalism