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What did the focal viewpoint of the Mechanistic Paradigm center on?
the internal intra psychic, neurological, and kinesiological mechanisms
Where did the new paradigm look
inward to these mechanisms and how they influenced function and dysfunction
What are the core constructs of the Mechanistic paradigm
ability to perform is determined by degree of integrity

functional performance cacn be restored by using activity
what did the values of the mechanistic paradigm focus on
precise knowledge and understanding of inner workings

value of inner workings to function

value of media as means to reduce incapacity
During the second crisis, what was holism replaced with
reductionist emphasis on internal workings
Because of this crisis, what were the therapists now doing
they were abandoning activity all together in favor of pure exercise
When they all called for a new paradigm, what were they going to focus on
elements of the fields first paradigm