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tu vecino

tu vecina
your (familiar) male neighbor

your (familiar) female neighbor
Ésa es mi casa.
That is my house
el monstruo
the monster
¿De dónde son ustedes?
From where are you formal plural?
Nosotros somos
we are
muchos lugares
many places
Bienvenido a ...(ex. Miami).
Welcome to Miami.
A Arturo le gusta mucho correr.
As for Arturo, running pleases him much. *note: Learn this literal translation.

Arturo likes to run often.
A mí me gusta también.
As for me, it please me also.
*note: Learn this literal translation.

I like it too.
¿Te gusta correr?
Does running please you familiar? *note: Learn this literal translation.

Do you familiar like to run?
No, no me gusta mucho correr.
No, Running does not please me much.*note: Learn this literal translation.

No, I do not like to run often?
Si hoy es lunes...
If today is Monda...
Este concurso es muy interesante.
This contest is very interesting.
* infinitive
*In English, the simple or basic form of the verb, such as run, dance, sing. Often the word "to" marks a verb as an infinitive: “to eat,” “to write,” “to read,” “to swim.”
*A form of a verb that ends in -ing and operates as a noun in a sentence: “Writing is fun.”
* bailar

Me gusta bailar.
* to dance or dancing(a gerund)

Dancing please me.
* cantar

Le gusta cantar.
* to sing or dancing (a gerund)

Singing pleases him/her/it/ or you formal.
* comer

Te gusta comer.
* to eat or eating (a gerund)

Eating pleases you famliar.
* escribir

Me gusta escribir.
* to write or writing(a gerund)

Writing please me.
* leer

Le gusta leer.
* to read or reading (a gerund)

Reading pleases him/her/it/ or you formal.
* nadar

Te gusta nadar.
* to swim or swimming (a gerund)

Swimming pleases you famliar.
* patinar

Me gusta patinar.
* to skate or skating(a gerund)

Skating please me.
* trabajar

Te gusta trabajar.
* to work or working (a gerund)

Working pleases you famliar.