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What is Emergency Medical Dispatcher? Or EMD
A EMD is a specially trained person who receives calls for emergency assistance and ensures proper EMS response.
What is Medical Direction?
Medical Direction: Medical supervision of an EMS system and the field performance of EMTs.
What is Prearrival instructions
Prearrival instructions: Instructions for initial care of the patient, often provided by the emergency medical dispatcher, to a person who calls for EMS assistance.
Describe Protocols?
Protocols - a set of written policies and procedures.
Describe Quality Improvement?
Quality Improvement: An evaluation of services provided and the results achieved as compared with accepted standards.
What is research?
Researchh: The scientific study, investiigation, and experimentation conducted to establish facts and determine their significance.
What are Standing Orders?
Standing Orders: EMT-I field interventions that are completed before contacting medical direction.
What is the White Paper?
The White Paper - A 1966 report published by the National Academy of Sciences, entitled Accidental Death and Disability, The Neglected Disease of Modern Society. The report was responsible for emphasizing the need for organized prehospital patient care.
What is KKK?
KKK Ambulance Standards: - In 1974, the General Services Administrationof the Federal Government devised a set of standards for emergency vehicles that were to be purchased by the Federal Government. These standards were designated by the KKK-A-1822-A Standards; the initials KKK have no particular significance.
Discuss citizen access and the various mechanisms of obtaining it.
911 or other local ambulance number
Incident occurrence
Citizen recognizes it
System access and dispatch
Prehosptial care
Patient stabilzation and tranport
Delivery to hospital
List the members of the EMS Team?
First Responders
Identify the typical components of an EMS system?
Manpower, communications, Administration, transportation, equipment, facilities, funding, onsumer information and education, Medical direction, record keeping, Quality improvement, training,
Discuss the role of the medical community in overseeing prehospital care?
We are all governed by a medical director, and then medical direciton.
Describe relationship between the physician on the radio and the EMT-I at the scene?
Direct medical direction, sometimes called-online medical direction is care rendered under direct orders, usually over the radio/phone.

off-line medical direction, or indirect medical direction includes the development of a set of written instruction known as protocels.