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title 7
-protected classes
-unlawful employment practices
-created EEOC

exceptions: religious organizations and indian reservations
bona fide occupational qulifications
extended title 7 to inclide all except
rel. org and indian reservations

-made # of employees req. to be subject to 15
Pregnancy discrimination act
ammended titl 7 to include
amended title 7, ADEA and ADA
to includ disparate impact
-sliding scale of damages
-business necessity not defense against intentional discrimination
disparate impact
when seemingly fair employment practice unintentionally discriminates
affirmative action plan

required if 50+ employee contractor
age discimination in employment
rehabilitation act
expansds oppps for people with physical & mental disabilities
eeo and aap for viet vets
list openings with fed contractors for them first and give priority
americans with disabilities act

based on rehabilitation act

require reasonable accomodations
-facilities accessible
-requirements adjustd to people w disabilities

unless constitute undue hardship
staffing needs assesment steps
*KSAs required
*# people needed
*KSA available internally
*when need people

*id gaps

*internal, external or alternate sources

*cost benefit analysis

*develop traingin program, recruiting strategy or contract depending on source
job competencies
broad factors needed to accomplish goals
core competencies
job competencies uniquely valuable to org
esential job functions
nonessential job functions
not necessary but included
job specifications
KSAs necessary for successful performance of job functions
delphi technique
participants never meet but form consensus separately
nominal group technique
meeting for best solution
turnover analysis
turnover rate=#of terminations/avg # of employees...for period
trend analyses
compare change of a single variable over time
simple linear regression
relationship between one variable against another and predict one based on the thers
multiple linear regression
relatioship b/w several variables
job bidding
employees express interest in a position before it is available
professional employer organizations
outsourced full service HR
leases employees to co.
griggs v duke powr
discrimination doesn't need to be intentional to exist
albemarle paper v moody
test validation must eb in acordance w/ uniform guidelines for selection procedures
wasington v davis
tests that have an adverse impact on a proteted classs are lawful if they are valid predictors
content validity
if samples significant parts of the job
construct validity
whether measures connection b/w candidate charcteristics and performance
criterion validity
trait predicted by a test
-predicitve vaidity
original and later test, evaluated if similar
-concurrent validity
-2 tests at the same time and not later
privacy act
have right to know what information is collected on them and how used and disemminated
imigration law
required I-9 for each new hire to make sure aithorzed to work in us
imigration refirm control act
WARN act
requires 60 day adance notice for mass layoffs or plant closings

*faltering company
*unforesseable busines circummstances
*natural disaster
employees originating from parent country
host country nationals
company operating abroad @host country, people from host country
third-country nationals
employees from any country other than the host country or or home country
ethnocentric approach to intl employment
placing expatriates in key management postions at host country
polycentric approach to intl employment
placing host country nationals in key management postions at host country and expatriates at executive level at parent co.
regiocentric approach to intl employment
like polycentric but managers move across region
geocentric approach to intl employment
places the best qualified person rgardless of origin