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A brief episode of synchronised responses that indicate the evaluation of an internal or external event as significant
Types of emotions
6 basic types:
The bodily changes that occur in emotion, such as heart rate, sweating, and the release of stress hormones.
The degree to which the experience is positive or negative
Emotional Learning
Learning that people. places, and things are not neutral but have some kind of value.
(ex: ppl are better or worse, good or bad, etc.)
--> this value determines the emotions reaction to the person, place, or thing
Emotional Classical Conditioning
The learned association btw. a neutral event and an emotional event.
Autonomic Conditioning
Can be expressed through bodily repsonse, such as arousal response.
Fast extinction
Evaluative COnditioning
Can be expressed through a preference or attitude
Slow extinction
Averse (fear) Conditioning
A neutral stimulus paired with a fear event comes to elicit a fear response when the stimulus is presented alone. (phobias)
Emotional Learning: Operant Conditioning
A behaviour will increase or decrease depending on the outcome of the behaviour.
Merre Exposure
The simple repition of stimuli can make it likeable.
Mood Congruent Memory
More likely to remember good things when you are in a good mood and vice-versa
Emotion and Memory
--Arousal enhances our ability to remember, which is why we remember embarrasing events as embarasement leads to arousal.
--> memory performance can be impaired due to prolonged stress or extreme arousal.
Flashbulb Memory
Memory for suprising and consequential events.