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What Limbic structure plays a critical role in attaching emotional significance to stimuli?
Bilateral lesions of the amygdala results in what syndrome?
Kluver Bucy Syndrome
Seizure activity involving the amygdala can result in what type of increased emotions?
fear, panic
James-Lange Theory
emotion is the perception of bodily changes (no neural circuit implied)/Body - reaction theory
Cannon Bard Theory
proposed neural circuit responsive to stimuli but also independent (can experience emotion w/out stimuli)/Central Neural theory
Papez circuit
circuit of limbic structures functionally related to produce motivation and emotion
Lesions of the amygdala result in an increase or decrease of the fear response
Catastrophic and depressed emotional reactions are typically associated with damage to which hemisphere?
Indifferent reactions and anosognosia are typically associated with damage to which hemisphere?
Affective processing, and interpreting prosodic elements of langauge are roles primarily delegatd to which hemisphere?
Beyond the amygdala name 3 other subcortical structures involved in emotions and drives
hypothalamus, cingulate gyrus,ventral striatum
The amygdala has primary input/output to subcortical, cortical and olfactory areas. Name 2 cortical connections
orbital frontal
cingulate cortex
heteromodal association cortex
Most connections of the amygdala are unidirectional or bidirectional?
emotional responses can be conceptualized as having 3 primary components
Name 2 "pleasure centers" in the brain
The nucleus accumbens & septal nuclei both serve the function of "pleasure centers"
What are the 2 major bundles of fibers that connect the amygdala with other areas of the brain?
stria terminalis and the ventral amygdalofugal pathway.
Septal lesions produce what type of reactions in many species?
Destruction of the cingulate gyrus can result in
Akinetic Mutism and limited affect