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whats the first thing you do?
get the physicans orders for medicines
At PCCC where would you look for this information?
the MARs on the med card
at WVMC its on the computer under MARS
what do you do to the MARs sheet when you get out a particular medicine?
put a pencil dot next to the medicine time. (Don't initial or cross out yet)
what do you check on the MARs against the physican's orders?
the name, DOB and allergies.
ESP the allergies against all the MARs indicated medicines
what is important to look for on the medicine before taking it?
the exiparation date
the drugs could be listed as generic or Trade name so we ...
have either our Davis drug book OR our med cards
if we have to pass any heart medicines we need to get a blood pressure or apical pulses. what other medicine might require this?
HCTZ is a diuretic it lowers the B/P by increasing urine output. we would want a pre B/P (baseline) OR to make sure its not too low Because it is going to drop to so 70-110 so below 70 NO give!!!
do we check all meds against the allergies?
do we hang around on the green fucking around or do we put out (get out med box) and move out of the way?
get box and move out of the way
what's the first thing we do in the patient's room
introduce our selves, wash hands, and grab their wrist band and look at it and ask their name and DOB
what is HCTZ
a diretic
diuresis is large amounts of passing urine. Its to lower blood pressure and lower edema, esp. for hypertensive patients.
how does HCTZ work?
increases excretion of sodium and water by inhibiting its reabsorption in the distal tubules. It can produce arterior dilation
what is hypokalema?
abnormal lowering of the concentration of potassium in the blood.Hypokalemia is a potentially fatal condition in which the body fails to retain sufficient potassium to maintain health.
what is hyperuricemia?
excessive amounts of uric acid in the blood
what is colace for?

Docusate sodium. ex lax
to make you shit. might be good for anyone who shouldn't strain like hypertensive people
what is coumadin?
prevents thromboembolic events
the generic for coumadin is ...

war = pt boat pt means ???
labs maybe platlet count ???
what can happen if you overdue coumadin?
bleed to death.

don't take otc meds PLUS aspirin. monitor coagulation factors
what does digoxin do?
lowers severity of CHF
increases cardiac output
lowers ventricular response to artrial tachyarrthymias
whats a problem with digoxin?
med errors! miscalculations of doses (esp w/ peds)
whats a problem with digoxin?
if the patient's K+ is low. is so, tell the doctor. So evaluate labs electrolytes
watch renal and hepatic function too.
what about geriatrics and digoxin?
their labs can look normal but they could still be digoxic. So assess for symtoms of toxicity even when labs are normal