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T/F The division in cleavage of the zygote result in cell growth.
FALSE; these divisions DO NOT result in cell growth
With cleavage of the zygote, what happens to the cell volume?
The cell volume decreases
How does cleavage of the zygote occur initially?
initially synchronously, late occurs asynchronously
What is the result of cleavage of the zygote?
the result is dividing the large egg into many smaller daughter cells, called blastomeres
Through what process does the embryo remain enclosed in the zona pellucida
cleavage of the zygote
What is the cleavage process?
1) divides the daughter cells in two
2) Four equal blastomeres-40 hours
3) By day 3, there are 6-12 cells
4) By day 4, 16-32 cells called a morula
What does the cells of the morula give rise to ?
1) the embryo proper with its extraembryonic membranes
2) the placenta and its related structures
Formation of the blastocyst
1) First divides the daughter cells in two
2) second four equal blastomeres (40 hours)
3) By day 3, there are 6-12 cells
4) By day 4, 16-32 cells called a morula.
5) Embryoblast-inner cell mass; this forms entire embryo
6) trophoblast- forms the placenta and placental membranes
7) Blastoceol Forms-cavity formed by compaction, and filled with fluid
allow electrically couple cells of epithelium surrounding a fluid-filled cavity
gap junctions
close to outer surface create a seal, isolates interior embryo from external medium
tight junctions
by day 4, the morula begins to do what?
absorb fluid
cells become more concave and reorganize in what?
during compaction blastomeres move into the center of what?
the morula