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pharangeal arch components
cartilage, muscle, nerves (maj+min), vessels
arch grows back and buries other arches
space beneath arch that grows back
cervical sinus
Area beneath arch doesn’t disappear, causes:
branchial/pharangeal cyst – can become infected/require removal
branchial (pharangeal cyst) where?
ANTERIOR to Sternocleidomastoid (otherwise – if posterior, lymph nodes: malignancy? lymphoma?)
2nd arch fuses where
along ANTERIOR border of Sternocleidomastoid
ears develop from
neural crest cells
Arch 1 nerve
V3 (+chorda tympani of VII)
Arch 1 muscles
Arch 1 bones
mandible, plus upper parts of malleus/incus
Chorda tympani nerve serves
tast: anterior 2/3 of tongue
Arch 2 nerve
VII (+tympanic of IX)
Arch 2 muscles
facial expression
Arch 2 bones
styloid, lower malleus/incus, stapes, hyoid
Little kids with facial abnormalities may be
deaf (if Arch 1&2– face deforms, also ear ossicles)
Arch 3 nerves
IX (+auricular of X)
Arch 3 muscles
Arch 3 bones
hyoid (lower part)
Arch 4 nerves
sup. laryngeal of X
Arch 4 muscles
Arch 4 bones
Arch 6 nerves
recurrent laryngeal
Arc 6 muscles
Arch 6 bones
If short of neural crest cells = result?
small mandible, hard of hearing
tongue is
epithelial bag of muscle
tongue muscle derivation
occipital bone somites
tongue muscle innervation
portion of tongue from arch 1
lateral lingual swellings – tip of tongue
portion of tongue from arch 2
copula – connecting piece – is grown over by arch 3
portion of tongue from arch 3
hypobranchial eminence – posterior portion of tongue
Anterior 2/3 of tongue arch and innervation
1st arch, V3 lingual nerve + taste: VII chorda tympani
No nerve VII =
No taste, no taste buds: buds need nerves 4 devel.