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Day that sperm is fertilized
Day 0
What does fertilization mark the start of?
What happens within week 1?
Implantation of the blastocyst
What happens within week 2 of embryogenesis?
The embryo becomes a bilaminar disk
What does a bilaminar disk consist of?
Epiblast and hypoblast
which of the two layers of the bilaminar disk contribute to the actual 3 germ layers?
What happens in week 3?
What is gastrulation?
When epiblast cells migrate through the primitive streak, replacing hypoblast to become first endoderm, then mesoderm.
What 3 important structures are formed during week 3?
-Primitive streak
-Neural plate
What 3 things are important to know and keep in mind throughout weeks 3-8?
1. Neural tube is formed
2. Organogenesis
3. The embryo is extremely susceptible to teratogens
What 2 important processes occur in week 4?
-4 chambers of the heart form and let it start to beat
-Upper/lower limb buds start to form
When does the fetus begin to actually move?
Week 8
When do fetal genitalia acquire male versus female characteristics?
Week 10
After fertilization on Day 0, what happens to the ovum and what is it called on day 2?
-Cell replication
-Called a zygote
What is the future embryo called on day 3?
A morula
On approximately what day does implantation occur?
Day 5 (within week 1)
Why is the notochord important?
It induces the neural plate to fold and form the neural tube
What are the important clusters of cells leftover and adjacent to the neural tube called?
Neural crest cells
In the developing spinal cord what is the alar plate?
Basal plate
What are the rules of 2's during the 2nd week?
1. 2 germ layers (bilaminar)
2. 2 cavities
3. 2 components of placenta
What are the 2 germ layers during week 2?
What are the 2 cavities during week 2?
-Amniotic cavity
-Yolk sac
What cells migrate to form the amniotic cavity?
Epiblast - they migrate up from the inner cell layer
What cells migrate to form the yolk sac?
Hypoblast - they migrate down from the inner cell mass
What are the 2 components of placenta during week 2?
How does the primitive streak form?
The epiblast invaginates to form it
What happens after the primitive streak forms?
Epiblast cells migrate down through it to form first endoderm, then mesoderm.
What is the rule of 3's for the third week?
The bilaminar disc becomes a mass of 3 germ layers.
What are the 3 germ layers that result from gastrulation?