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What does the anterior pituitary develop from?
Rathke's pouch
sella turcica
surrounds the anterior and posterior pituitary
Where do germ cells originate?
ectodermal cells of the inner cell mass of the embryo
Most primative form of kidney found in developing mammalian embryos that degenerates and gives way to the mesonehpros
What does the mesonephric duct become?
Wolfian duct in males
What does the pramesonephric duct become?
Mullerian duct in females
What does the metenephros become?
Adult kidney and urinary ducts
What is the Jost Paradigm?
Chromosomal sex, gonadal, hormonal, phenotypic, brain/behavioral sex
eggs don't need to be fertilized
What determines sex in Drosophilia?
# of X chromosomes
What determines sex in humans?
Presence of a Y chromosome
What region codes for testicular development in humans?
Short arm of the Y chromosome
Causes embryo to be male; produces anti-Mullerian hormone; codes for DNA binding protein
What does SRY cause the genital ridge to differentiate to?
Sertoli cells
What do Sertoli cells secrete?
anti-Mullerian hormone
What 2 things does AMH cause?
differentiation of Leydig cells
Causes Mullerian ducts to regress
What do Leydig cells do?
Secrete testosterone
What do the Wolffian ducts become?
vas efferentia, epididymis, vas deferens and seminal vesicles
What does lack of testosterone cause?
Regression of Wollfian ducts
How do the testis get into the scrotum?
The gubernaculum expands and then regresses, pulling the testes through the inguinal ring
What does a 5-alpha reductase deficiency cause in males?
testosterone cannot be made into DHT
What characteristics do males of 5a reductase deficiency have?
testis, AMH, some Wolfian ducts, pseudovagina, and female external genetalia
What may happen to males with a 5a reductase deficiency?
At puberty they may differentiate into a phenotypic male
what is wrong with XY individuals that have testicular feminization?
no androgen receptors
What to testicular feminization individuals have internally?
testis w/ AMH

no Wolffian or Mullerian duct development
What do testicular feminizaiton individuals have for external anatomy?
female genetalia