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Applications Radio Waves
AM and FM radio; television broadcasting; radar; aircraft navigation
Applications Microwaves
Atomic and molecular research micorwave ovens
Applications Infrared Waves
infrared photography; physical therapy; heat radiation
Applications Visible Light
visible light photography; optical microscopes; optical telescope
Applications UV Light
sterilizing medical instruments indentifying fluorescent minerals
Applications XRays
medical examination of bones, teeth, and orans; cancer treatments
Applications Gamma Rays
Food irradiation; studies of structural flaws in thick materials
Gamma Rays, X rays, UV Light, Visible Light, Infrared Light, Radio, Microwave
Wavelength (?)
Frequency (?)
(x10^14 Hz)
a distrubance that transmits energy through matter or space
the matter through which a wave travels
Mechanical Wave
a wave that requires a medium through which to travel
Electromagnetic Wave
A wave caused by a disturbance in electric and magnetic fields and that does not require a medium also called a light wave
Transverse Wave
a wave causes the particles of the midum to vibrate perpendicularly to the direction the wave travels