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what is the payment called for the use of songs to thhe performers?
what is an example of cross selling?
nescafe appearing in the TV show the apprentice
name an example of an oligoploy
what is the purpose of a storyboard
to display the creative idea for the company or client
income that is used for important items such as rent, food, and other needed items is known as
discretionary income
is disney a horizontally or vertically structured company?
true or false..entertainment costs are paid upfront, increasing the risk
true or false..a partnership can consist of more than one partner?
what is the purpose of AFTRA
its a federation for TV and radio artisists to protect their rights
temperary fashionable item or trend
cheapest form of entertainment
cross selling
selling the customer additional related products tied to one name
company made up of several other companies
what is the movie distrubution money breakdown?
26% theater
28% TV
46% DVD
TV hours watched per day by adults teens and children
children 26/week
who does TV ratings
what is an affiliate
independent broadcaster that contracts with larger national network
ranking of tv show popularity
when is primetime
how many minutes of ads are in a 30 min tv show
8 min.
what companies cover royalties?
ASCAP and bmi
how much does a 30 second commercial cost during the superbowl
2 1/2 million
who does radio ratings
what does ascap stand for
american society of composers, authors, and publishers
who opened dreamworks?
steven spielberg, jeffrey katzenberg, and david geffen
what are some movies it produces?
saving private ryan, american beauty, gladiator, meet the parents, shrek
union that represents radio industry
story board
sequenced diagram of commerical
information about what type of actor they are looking for for the commerical
contacted by an advertising agency and it part of productingthe commerical. gives the talent agent the breakdown
casting agent
develops ideas for commericals based on research
advertising agency
union standward wages for an acting job
company that represents actors and actresses--gets them auditions by makes some of their money
talent agency
marketing research firm
gathers info about consumer wants and needs
union that represents actors and acretresses for tv and film
provides a propduct or service
represents a group of acots that is sent to the talent agency..makes some of the money
sole propiertorship
one owner
2 or more owners
many companies form one large company
few companies dominate market
disposable income
spent on ent. products
2 types of opportunity costs
1. individual
2, corporate
opportunity cost
the cost of doing or buying one thing instead of another
what strategy does dreamworks use to recude economic risk
they partner with other studios
what is dreamworks approach to producing successful films?
they develop prjects carefully--they only make 10 or less films a year instead of 25 or 30 like most makor studios